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The Blue Dye has arrived.

Brand new collection from Hollóháza. Blue Dye. The porcelain of everyday life. Now available for order in the webshop and in brand stores.

Tradition & Craftmanship


Porcelain is one of the noblest materials created by our ancestors. Fine, white ceramics are always the result of a creative process in which natural treasures are mixed with expertise and centuries-old manufacturing traditions.

Hollóháza brand store

3999, Hollóháza Károlyi út 11.

+36 20 592 2488

Hollóháza Porcelain Exhibition- and Showroom

1055, Budapest Falk Miksa u. 7.

+36 70 476 4374

Quality promise

Directly from the Manufactory ikon

Directly from the Manufactory

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Packaged with care

Hungarian cultural heritage ikon

Hungarian cultural heritage

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Replacement warranty